I specialize in custom tallitot for men and women and embroidered atarot/corners for those wishing to make their own tallit.  Additionally, I offer embroidered accessories such as tallit bags, kippot, challah/matzah covers, birth announcements and wall art.

Perhaps what sets my work apart from other Judaica artists is that I’m open to making whatever my clients want!  In addition to the photos in each of the links above, you may wish to browse through the Photo Gallery.  Most of those projects were made by my customers and sent to me for embroidery.  Still others are tallit that I did a great deal of the work on and received photos from the customer.

I also work with several synagogues that have tallit-making workshops.  The students shop for their fabrics and, under the guidance from volunteer instructors, create their own tallit.  The students can then embellish their creations with custom embroidered atarot (neckbands) and/or corners.  If you want to create your own there are some buy it now pieces on the website or you can browse through the atarah sets for ideas and inspiration.

For women wanting an alternative to the lace doily, I offer white or black crocheted kippot (imported from Israel) that can be trimmed, embroidered or have beading added.

There are lots of samples in each category, so stay awhile and enjoy your visit!  If you have a special project in mind, feel free to contact me and together we’ll explore the options.

I look forward to working with you in the near future.