Bukhara Kippah

The Bucharian style kippah is worn by the Jews of Bukhara who trace their origins back to the Israelites who never returned from Babylonian Exile. Bukharian Jews, whose name comes from the ancient emirate of Bokhara, hail from Uzbekistan and its neighboring five Central Asian republics, sometimes referred to as the “Five Stans.”

Thanks to a client who recently asked for a Bukhara kippah, here it is.  The design on this one was repeated from the tallit bag but other embroidered designs are available. If you are interested in this style of kippah, you must submit an accurate measurement of your head circumference depending on how it will be worn (see information below.)  This is usually taken at the scalp line.  I don’t make these in quantity — just one to match your tallit.

This was made from black dupioni silk and has the customer’s hamsa design embroidered on the top.  A dotted silver trim is around the base.

Custom made in navy blue velveteen.  Top is a large Star of David done with a white silk applique.  Smaller stars are embroidered around the band and a white trim at the edge.

This one made for a newly ordaned cantor, to match her custom tallit.


This one made for a bar mitzvah boy who was really into City architecture!


Another kippah to match the custom atarah:

This a very special kippah that was made for the Purim Holiday.  It is navy velveteen with “Happy Purim” around the brim in 7 languages.  A grogger is embroidered on the top.


Here is a drawing showing two ways the Bukhara kippah can be worn.  It is critical that you measure accurately and, for women, measure generously to account for your hair!!  You can also specify whether you want a narrow or wide brim.  The green lines shows where to take these measurements.