Custom-Made Kippot

headerFor women who want an alternative those lace doilies, I keep white and black crocheted kippot (imported from Israel)  in stock that can be trimmed with various decorative cording, brocade trims and lace or embroidered with a name or a design.  Pictures of a few of the crocheted kippot are in the gallery below.  Prices start at $20.

I also make 4-panel silk kippot in your choice of color.  Most of my customers choose a silk kippah to complement their custom tallit order.  These can be customized with an embroidery design, contrast trim or hand sewn crystal/pearls.  A few examples are shown below.  The basic silk kippah costs $45.  It is lined and has a buttonhole inside for a hidden clip.

Please note:  You can order one or two, but I am NOT set up to do bulk orders.  If you are looking for a large quantity for your party guests or family, please contact various suppliers on the internet.

I can make up to 8 silk kippot for dads/groomsmen in a wedding party or the b’nai mitzvah family.  You can go here to see some of the ones I have done.

The ones below are custom from silk.

Each of these were made to match a custom tallit.


For women who want something other than the traditional doily, these were made from imported cotton crocheted kippot and trimmed.  They can be dressed up with a crystal or beaded edging as well.