Custom Tallit Sets

All custom tallit sets include a coordinating tallit bag and kippah.  All work is done by me. After discussion, I will send you a close rendering of what the tallit will look like before any work is begun.  There are many options and you can have as much control over the design as you like, for example: number of stripes, the width of each, amount of space between and size of corner squares. I work almost exclusively with dupioni silk and wool.

I do not make tallitot from customer’s fabric with the exception of a scarf or shawl that is to be customized or a tallit that was woven on a loom.

Atarot, Corners & Accessories

An embroidered atarah is $75 which includes computer set-up, silk fabric, stabilizer backing, thread and hem finishing.  If the bracha (blessing) is very long, additional charges may apply.

The neckband is hemmed, pressed and ready to be sewn onto the tallit.   Designs placed at the ends are extra and cost is based on the complexity and number of color changes.  Each contrast border is an additional $50 which covers extra fabric, labor to cut the strips, sew and hem to the finished size.  This often takes over an hour!  If a client sends their garment to me, I am happy to attach the embroidery (usually no additional charge except for shipping back.)

Corners start at $72 ($18 ea.) for a set of 4.  Complexity of the design (stitch density), number of colors and finished size affect the final price.  An embroidered hole for the tzitzit, if requested, is stitched and punched out at no charge.

A lined 4-panel kippah is $50; designs are extra depending on complexity and colors.  A buttonhole with a kippah clip is provided so that the clip is hidden.  Client’s name and event date can be stitched on the lining for a small additional charge.  You can see some of the custom kippot I have made here:

Coordinating lined tallit bags from silk or cotton velvet are $65.  They can be made with a zipper at the top/middle back or a front flap.  A basic design and name embroidered are included.

Kosher tzitzit sets are available for $15.  Cost for me to tie them is $10.

Customers who provide their own fabric will get a 5% discount on the order.

Please contact me for an exact quote!

What other sewing services do you provide?

If you have a shawl or scarf that you want to make into a tallit, prices for an atarah and corners are outlined above. If you wish to make it wider or longer, additional silk can be added in a complementary color. You can also add stripes/borders or other embroidered designs.  In the case of a lightweight fabric, adding a lining is another option.  Then the embroidered atarah and/or corners can be sewn on and tzitzit tied.  Pricing is on an individual basis depending on what the job entails.  I am happy to set up a time to talk on the phone to discuss the options.  Please note: I do not assemble a tallit with fabrics/trims sent to me.

Many of my customers make needle-pointed atarot or tallit bags.  I will stretch and block the finished piece before it is assembled.  For bags, I will supply a lining, zipper and cotton velveteen for the back side.  Prices start at $75.  See examples here:

Payment Methods

For immediate online payments I accept Venmo and Zelle Pay (bank to bank.)  If you prefer to be invoiced and pay online with a credit card, I offer that through Square; however with fees continually rising, this method will carry a 3% processing fee.  You may also mail a personal check or money order.

All custom work requires a 50% deposit with the balance due before the tallit or embroidery is shipped.  No exceptions.