Custom Tallit Pricing:

1. Fabric of your choice (one layer) cut and sewn to your dimensions. Includes 4 personalized corners, embroidered atarah, tzitzit tied (Ashkenaz or Sephardic) including coordinating tallit bag.  A drawing will be provided before work begins. – Start at $650

2. Same as #1 above but addition of stripes and a lining. We will work together design the number of stripes, width and spacing. – Start at $750

3. Same as #2 above but addition of double corners and/or double stripes or adding metallic piping to the stripes. Start at $1,100

4. Totally custom: tallit includes appliques, special embroideries, etc. Cost is based on the time and materials to make it. Start at $1,500

Embroidered Atarah – Your choice of fabric, blessing and typestyle. Start at $85

Embroidered Corners – Choose from the hundreds of designs available. Cost based on size, number of colors and complexity of design.– Start at $20 each ($80 for set of 4) Designs can also be purchased online and if it is something I can add to my inventory, I will split the cost.

Custom Tallit Bag: Start at $75

Custom 4-Panel Kippah: Start at $70.  Embroidered designs are additional.

Other accessories individually priced. Contact me for further information.