Clergy Tallit (Form Fitted)

A Clergy tallit is a narrow, form fitted garment, slightly wider at the bottom and narrowed at the neck. These are some of the ones I have made.

This was made from white silk and stripes are a woven jacquard trim. The same trim is added to the atarah (neckband.) This one does not have a blessing but most do. Dimensions are 12″-16″ at the bottom tapering to 8″ at the neck. Length is 84″ but can be customized.
This is made from gold raw silk with an added knotted fringe at the bottom.

My first pleated tallit! Custom made for a Cantor/Rabbi in Chicago who wanted to highlight the Chicago city flag. It is off-white wool and stripes were made from white and light blue dupioni silk. The four stars of the flag were embroidered in bright red and a similar design was done on the corners. There are also 4 stars on the back neck (hard to see!) Atarah has a quote from Genesis 28:17 “How full of Awe is this Place.”