Beaded Wire Kippot

By popular demand and for a limited time, I am bringing back an accessory that was a favorite among my female customers. I still have a fairly large inventory of jewelry wire, Swarovski crystal, Swarovski pearls, Czech glass and other small stones as well as flexible nylon combs and metal clips for affixing to your hair.

Each kippah I make is custom and just for YOU.  I don’t believe you should have to purchase a stock item when you can get exactly what you want in a very reasonable amount of time.

About the Kippah

Kippot are tightly woven by hand using jeweler’s wire and Czech glass beads, pearls, Austrian crystal or imported stones.  The beads are woven throughout the kippah; approximately 95 are used.  Because these are individually made, no two are exactly alike and each one takes several hours to complete.  It will sparkle in your hair and evoke comments and compliments from others.

Size & How Kippah is Worn

The kippah measures approximately 4-“4-1/2” (measurements are taken across the bottom.) Since it is a dome shape, it may actually be a bit larger. I do my best to keep the size consistent but remember that each one is hand made.

A clear comb is woven into the kippah so that it will stay in your hair.  It is recommended that an extra “spritz” of hair spray be used to provide a firm hold.  A smaller metal comb is also available as well as a metal barrette for very thick hair.

Selection Tips

Whether this is for yourself or a gift, it is important to take the wearer’s hair color into consideration.  As you might expect, a lighter colored stone or bead will show more prominently on a woman with dark hair; conversely, a deeper colored stone will be more noticeable on someone with lighter hair.  Additionally, very pale colored stones do not show up as well on the light silver wire.  If you are unsure or have any questions, I encourage you to contact me and I will do my best to help in the decision process.

Kippah Center

The center can be a larger bead to color match or contrast with the smaller beads woven throughout the kippah.  Others have a Star of David made of metal, glass or ceramic.  Still other centers use a vintage piece.  If you desire, the center can be just wire or a cluster of the stones used throughout.  If you have a bead or a small jewelry piece such as a charm, pin or single earring, that has special meaning to you, you can send it to me and I will do my best to incorporate it into the center.

Below are galleries of the kippot in several styles. Click on the thumbnail for an enlarged view. A woven kippah can also be used for a wedding by attaching a veil. Just let me know and I will include extra wire or clear thread for sewing it on for the ceremony (it can be detached for the reception.)

If you see something here that you like, email me and I will check on availability of your wire and crystal/pearl/stone choice. I realize, of course, that you won’t be able to wear this while the covid-19 pandemic continues, but we all look forward to the day we can return to synagogue.

Swarovski Crystal

Swarovski Pearl

Crystal and Pearl Combination

Crystal and Pearl Charts


$75 – basic wire weaving (silver/gold wire, colors based on availability)
$65 – basic wire weaving for smaller kippah
$10 – choice of Swarovski crystal/pearl/other stone
$30 – beaded rim (crystal or pearl tightly spaced around the rim)
$15 – silver/gold plated Star of David
$30 – sterling silver Star of David

If you wish to order a beaded/crystal wire kippah, please fill out the order form.