For students/parents/grandparents participating in the tallit workshop, I offer custom embroidery of atarot/corners as well as tallit bags and kippot to complete your project. I recommend that you fill out the embroidery order form which will give me all the information I need to create a worksheet. This workshop is part of my regular business where I have other orders in progress, so please respond to my emails in a timely fashion and plan on giving me at least 10 days to complete your order. Here are some specific answers to the common questions:

Q: What kind of fabric should I buy?
A: I prefer silk, cotton or wool (natural fabrics.) Polyester tends to pucker and not yield the best results unless it is a strong, non-stretchable fabric. I apply a fusible cotton backing to all fabrics to make them more stable. If you are having a border sewn around the edge, remember to balance the weight; don’t choose a thin silk for the main part and a heavy silk for the border.

Q: How much fabric do I need to send?
A: For an atarah, I need a strip 6″ x the full width of the bolt. Typically this is 44″/45″ but many silks come in a 60″ width. For a set of corners, I need a piece that is 6″- 8″ x at least 30″ Please indicate if you want a hole for tzitzit stitched and punched out. Do not pre-cut your fabric to size. I will return any leftover fabric.

Q: Do you have thread to match my fabric?
A: I have hundreds of thread colors and can usually match your fabric without a problem.

Q: What about an atarah/corners with a contrasting border?
A: I make a bordered atarah or corners by sewing a strip of the contrasting fabric around and hem finishing. The border is approx. 3/8″-1/2″ wide; however you can specify if you want it wider. For this application I need 2 pieces of fabric (see above for size requirements.) Also see comment above regarding fabric balance in “What kind of fabric should I buy?”

Q: What blessings can I use?
A: There are no rules as to what can be embroidered on an atarah! Text can be English or Hebrew or no words at all (decorative images/design.) Most customers choose the traditional tzitzit blessing but you are certainly not limited to that one. I have a PDF file with lots of others or you can choose anything that speaks to you, i.e., from the Siddur, your Parsha, a psalm or proverb, just to name a few.

Postage: I will mail your package back through USPS priority mail. With the latest price increases, plan on $8-$12 for return shipping. If you prefer FedEx ground, I will advise you of the cost on a case-by-case basis.

Please feel free to browse my website for inspiration. There are atarah samples (all were made for previous customers) on the atarah and atarah/corner sets pages. Corner designs are also on the atarah/corner sets page and on the corners and corner sets/themes pages. On the right hand menu of any page, there is a link to design collections where many popular designs are organized by theme. There is also a link to new designs which I update as quickly as I can digitize them. If you are looking for something specific, email me since my inventory is huge and I might just have what you want. You can also find designs in many places online; if you find one that you like, send me the link. I may be willing to pay for it to add to my inventory; if not, it is usually a nominal expense.

For tallit/tefillin bags, kippot or other Judaica, you can browse those sections on the website and there is lots of inspiration! You can email me directly to discuss options and cost.

For other specific information, please go to my FAQ page.