Youth Leader Tallit

This is one of the most fun projects I’ve worked on in a long time.

I was commissioned to make a special tallit for a very dynamic young man — the youth leader at a synagogue who was moving on to another congregation after he had been with them for three years.  He is also an avid University of Georgia (go Dawgs!) fan, having received his undergraduate degree from that institution.

We searched for a tallit in black, red and white, but couldn’t find one that didn’t add other colors.  So, ordered a beautiful black and white wool tallit and added two bright red silk stripes on either side.  I also made new corners out of the red & black silk and embroidered a new atarah on red silk with black lettering.

The Youth Engagement committee gave me a pile of 12 t-shirts from events that the synagogue had participated in and hosted over his three-year tenure, and asked me to use a piece of each one.  I constructed a white cotton lining and carefully arranged cut out sections with a blanket stitch in thread to match the shirt.  In one inside corner I embroidered a Georgia bulldog!  I also embroidered a label for inside the neckband with a dedication from the synagogue.



And here is the recipient wearing the tallit!