Hebrew College
Newton, MA

2007 – The atarot for these wool tallitot were custom embroidered for a group of 6 Cantors graduating in June 2007.  The pasuk, chosen by the Dean of the Music School, is from Psalm 36:9 “For You are the source of life.  In Your light we shall see light.”  I digitized the school’s logo to be placed at each end and the lettering/logo was stitched in the school’s colors. 2008 – For the first graduating class of 13 Rabbis, a beautiful wool tallit with striking white stripes was chosen.  The color scheme changed to a white on white — a pale ivory dupioni silk atarah embroidered with white thread.  The school logo was stitched at each end.  So elegant! 2009-2019 The same tallit has been selected since 2009 and a coordinating tallit bag embroidered with the graduate’s Hebrew name was offered.

In 2012, the school logo changed and it was re-digitized.  Here’s the stack of atarot ready to be sewn on and the finished garments waiting to be shipped out.

One of the rabbis even commissioned a matching kippah and tefillin bag:
A picture from the 2016 ordination of rabbis and cantors: