We just opened the tallit.  It’s gorgeous!  Isaac’s first comment as he put it on was  – Wow, it’s big and heavy! 😉 He will never be cold in shul again!  I appreciate the plastic cover bag for the tallit bag.  That will keep it clean and new for a long time.
Regina G., Foster City, CA

The atarah and corners were hand delivered to my door.  Beautiful, and I cannot thank you enough for your input and your craftsmanship.  I am so pleased with everything and so glad I found you!
Diane F., Rochester, NY

Got the tallit last week. It is magnificent. So well done and professional. I am blown away. Can’t wait for Rosh Hashanah to wear it for the first time. You are extremely talented and I’ve already recommended you to a few people. Thank YOU!!
Rabbi Jarrod G., Toronto, Canada

The tallit is absolutely gorgeous!!! It was awesome trying it on for the first time. Had a huge smile on my face. I am so grateful for this. Thank you so much! You are very skilled at what you do. And thank you for the lovely gift too!
Ania G., Thousand Oaks, CA

The tallit arrived today and I can not express enough my amazement and love for the work you did. The tallit is absolutely perfect and I can not stop staring at it. Thank you so much for making such an outstanding and beautiful product.

The 2nd tallit arrived today! And oh my God, it is absolutely beautiful. You did an amazing job and I am very much looking forward to wearing it. Now I can alternate between two of your creations!
Cantor Jonathan A., Phoenix, AZ

I received the tallit and the bag! It is very very beautiful and the bag is magnificent!!  Perfect!!  Thank you so much for your beautiful work. I’m thrilled!!!
Frannie FS, Westport, CT

I received the tallit and wore it Friday.  It’s absolutely stunning. It looks great on me and I got a TON of compliments on it. Yasher koach on a job well done! When I get a proper haircut and am back in Chicago I will send you a shot of me wearing it so you can see the final product and add it to your website if you’d like.
Rabbi/Cantor Kyle C., Chicago, IL

I just wanted to let you know Alayna’s tallit arrived today and it’s so gorgeous. She and I are both beyond pleased with how it turned out.  Thank you so much.
Jessica W., Ashburn, VA

I just thought you might like to hear a few of the comments your wonderful tallit creation has drawn over the last month: “That’s a SLAMMIN’ tallis!”; “WHERE did you get that???”; “OK, I confess, I’m having tallis envy!”  Of course, I gave them all your URL!  I am loving it – it feels more and more like home.
Cantor Diana B., Amherst, MA

Thank you! You do such beautiful work.  I know my family will be really moved when I go up to the bima and take the memory of my cousin Bobby with me, sewn into my tallit.
Lauren K., Washington, DC

The tallit arrived today and it is great!  Jake opened it in front of us (he wasn’t sure what it was going to be) and when he had unfolded it, he grinned and said, “It’s perfect! It’s exactly what I wanted!”  Thank you very much, and we’ll be in touch in two years when Nathan is getting ready for his Bar Mitzvah!
Matt C., Monterrey, CA

I received the atarah and corners yesterday. I am soooo excited. They are beautiful. I will give them to my friend to sew onto the tallit this weekend.  Thank you again.
Maxine S., Coral Springs, FL

I received the package today.  I am very pleased!  Thank you for your work.  It is beautiful!
Scott H., Williamsville, NY

I just received Noa’s atarah, corners and bag.  They are absolutely stunning!!  Thank you so much for your beautiful work.  I will hang on to your contact info for my younger daughter and any friends who wonder where I found such special pieces.
Kelly S., Sherman Oaks, CA

We gave my mother in law the beautiful matzah cover last night and she absolutely LOVES it!! I was waiting for her reaction to let you know!  She is looking forward to showing it off at the seder.  Thank you so much!!  Chag sameach, may you and your loved ones enjoy this holiday of freedom in good health!
Susan M., Ottawa, Ontario

The doctor loved the tallit and is afraid to wear it!  He said it should be framed.
Rabbi Joel N., Vail, CO

Jan, just wanted to say thank you . The siddur cover is so beautiful. Eden loves and shows it to everybody . Chag Sameach!
Anat A., Cranford, NJ

I am absolutely thrilled with the atarah and corners. I got everything sewed on the tallit and it is a beautiful match.  Creating this tallit has been such a special part of the time leading up to my conversion (which is tomorrow!) and your care gave the work a completion I couldn’t have achieved on my own. I can’t wait for you to see it.
Kate W., Boulder CO

What a true gift and joy to finally sit down in quiet and hold my tallis!  It is exquisite!  You have blessed me so much with your care and attention and handiwork.  I am beyond delighted with it.  It will be such a joy to wear it in less than 2 weeks.  My graduation will be that much more beautiful and cherished. I know that graduation will be the first of many occasions that I will wear my marvelous tallis. Thank you. Thank you for such a blessing.  I wish you health and happiness and I will be delighted to give your cards and name to anyone who is looking to have a tTallis made.  Now off to learn how to tie tzitzit!!
Rabbi Georgette K., Philadephia, PA

The tallit is beautiful and exactly what I wanted.  Thanks for sending business cards; I forgot to ask you for some.  We have a retired Air Force Colonel in our congregation who will probably be interested in a tallit.  Todah Rabah.
Graham Q., Newark, DE

The tallit is stunning. I love it! I received lots of compliments and oohs and ahhs. You did beautiful work. I look forward to wearing it for many many years and feeling the connection to the special occasion and just the honor of davenning wrapped in this one of a kind piece of art.
Rabbi Tamara C., Philadelphia PA

The wimpel is beautiful and has been a huge hit; a wonderful addition to our congregation and a fitting tribute to our family’s roots and our recent trip to Germany where we were honored with the laying of stoplesteins in front of Austin’s paternal grandparents’ home.  Many thanks for making this happen.
Beth G-H, Wilmette, IL

Thank you SO much! I absolutely LOVE the tallit. It is beautiful and you did a fabulous job. I can’t wait to see it draped on Emma at the Bat Mitzvah. Thank you again!
Lisa F., Pine Brook NJ

Everything was absolutely magnificent! Thank you for being a part of my daughter’s day and creating such  masterpieces for both of us!
Sharon E., Plano TX

The kippah came yesterday and I was stunned by its loveliness!  The photo didn’t begin to do it justice.  It really took my breath away and made begin to feel that Emma’s big day is just around the corner and will be most spiritual, thanks in no small part to the beautiful kippah, which I feel also is really lovely hair jewelry!  Please feel free to use me as a “reference” any time someone needs to know about your work.  Let me say also, that the process of creating it with you was even more lovely than the final product, if that is even possible.
Elisheva H., Charleston SC

Hannah and I just opened her kippah, and it is absolutely gorgeous! I love how it sparkles in the light, and it has such a sweet look to it.  The crystals and pearls are delicate, just as we had hoped. You are so wonderful to have added a bonus, the beautiful tallit clip! She will look stunning with her tallit, kippah and clip at her bat mitzvah and, G-d Willing, for many Shabbatot to come.
Leslie S., Nashville TN (returning customer)

The kippah is absolutely, positively BEAUTIFUL. The pictures do not do your work justice.  Kirsten is wearing it at this moment, since photos will be taken at the synagogue tonight.  BEAUTIFUL work.  Feel free to quote me.
Linda L., Broomall PA

The atarah and corners are beautiful!  Well worth the wait.  Thank you so much for your patience and amazing work!
Debbie H., Schaumberg IL

This past week my parents presented me with the tallit you made out of my great grandmother’s pashmina.  I think it is very beautiful and I loved how you made the atarah and the tallit bag to match the material perfectly.  Thank you so much, I cant wait to wear it next week at my Bat Mitzvah!  Wishing you a happy and sweet new year!
Aliza N., White Plains NY

The kippah arrived and it is truly one of the most beautiful ones I have ever seen.  I can’t wait to wear it beginning this Rosh Hashanah.  You are quite impeccable in your art form and I feel lucky to have connected with you.  Many blessings for a L’Shana Tova and may your work continue to flourish.
Eva S., White Plains NY

Jan, just a note to say how much I am enjoying the new tallit. It is so lovely and well-made. It has a different feel from my old one–more substantial and complete– which makes me think about the circumstances of my ritual life then and now. Which is not a bad thing at all. I hope that you have been able to delve into weaving as you said you wanted to do. Good luck as you continue your creative adventures.
Pat W., Pittsburgh PA

I couldn’t be more pleased with the atarah.  It is unique to our synagogue, where many have traditional atarot.  You have created something with an “old world look” that matches my tallis beautifully.  Thanks again.
Bob B., Fairport, NY

I just opened the package and your work is stunningly beautiful.  I was breathless.  The colors are perfect.  It is going to be wonderful putting them together.  I can’t thank you enough for your help in choosing the right fabric and stitching.  You are spectacular at your craft and I hope to be able to commission you again sometime in the future.  I will be sure to let everyone who asks exactly where the custom work came from.
Linda L., Scarsdale NY

I just picked up my package!  I am so thrilled w/ what you did.  Absolutely beautiful — they feel sacred to me.
Sarah S., Syracuse NY

We received the tallit and we love it.  You did a beautiful job with the atarah, matching the yarns of the scarf, and the lions are great, and you did such a great job finishing it all around (I wasn’t sure how it would look with such a heavy wool).  Thank you again so much.  You are wonderful to work with!
Mary W., San Francisco CA

I’ve been meaning to send you pictures from Ariella’s Bat Mitzvah (way back in April!).  Of course she loved the tallit and received many, many compliments.  Thanks again for your hard work!
Michal V., Los Angeles CA

Jan, you outdid yourself! The tallit is just beautiful and far exceeds our expectations! We are so excited to present to present to my dad tomorrow at Shabbat dinner. Thank you for all your hard work and patience, you are so talented!
Michal V., Los Angeles, CA (returning customer)

The kippah is so beautiful.  It is absolutely perfect and is exactly what Sydney wanted.  She is so excited and couldn’t get over that someone made it.  The colors of the beads perfectly match her tallit.  She even loves the pink bag it came in.  I am sure she will always treasure it and it will make her special day that more special.
Nancy J., Atlanta GA

Your kippah arrived and it is just GORGEOUS. Very beautiful! Although intended for my wedding dinner, I couldn’t resist the temptation of already wearing it for Shabbat dinner at home — my fiancé also loved it!
Esther H., The Hague Netherlands

I love my tallit, kippah & tallit bag!  You are phenomenal & I cannot begin to express how thrilled I am that I’m the proud owner an original custom made masterpiece.  You are incredibly artistic and creative and have this gift of interpreting exactly what it was that I wanted even before I knew exactly what I wanted.  These will become family heirlooms!
Arlene M., Greensboro NC

Beautiful.  Exceeded my expectations!  Already gave your number and website to others.  Thank you so much, Jan, for making it so easy, so reasonably priced and everything I wanted.
Barb S., Brookline MA

I love the tallit bag and kippot that you made for me.   They arrived in the mail several days ago and I wanted to let you know how truly impressed I am with your talent and skills.
Carol L., Hendersonville NC (returning customer)

Your package arrived yesterday. The pictures do not do the corners and atarah justice.  I LOVE the frame on the corners. It really does complement the design on the tallit.   Thanks for everything.
Fran M., Calabassas CA

I wanted to thank you for the atarah you made for me.  It is truly breathtakingly beautiful.  When I opened the box (with some trepidation, I’ll admit) I actually laughed out loud.  My wife was amazed. Your work is exceptional and as beautiful as it is unique.  In wildest fancy, I could not even hope for such an atarah. I wore it to shul this past Shabbat, and frankly it was almost embarrassing the compliments I received about its beauty.  Thank you again for your time, talent and understanding. This is truly an example of “Chidur HaMitzva!”  All the best and Shanna Tova u’Metukah.
Rabbi Gordon R., Denver CO

I just can’t tell you how beautiful my husband’s tallit is.  I am so excited.  He loved it when he saw it.  And, oh yes, my daughter’s kippah is lovely.  Just lovely.  Thank you so much!  I plan on spreading the word!
Robin R., Cherry Hill NJ

The embroidery arrived on Friday and let me tell you, it all exceeded my expectations (which were pretty high to begin with).  Really, really pleased here. The first thing I did was lay out my tallit and mock it up with the atarah and the corners – wow, it makes a huge difference, and makes it sing. You picked the perfect thread colors – not exactly what I think I suggested, and good for that – you have a great eye.  I have been recommending you to all the other people in the class with enthusiasm.  I love the lion, too. Perfect!  Thank you SO much – Miranda loves hers too.  Hope to work with you again.
Judah O., Bethesda MD

The kippot arrived yesterday and are both simply lovely.  Lily is OVER the moon about hers, so many, many thanks for your special part in next week’s simcha.  I shall think of you during the bat mitzvah as I see Lily lean over the Torah and read to us of Jacob’s dream.
Amy L., Harrison NY

Just wanted to let you know my veil arrived and it is beautiful!!!  I am so thrilled with the kippah I can’t even tell you….I love it.  I am totally amazed – I have no idea how you make them, but they are beautiful. Thank you so much!
Norissa S., Milwaukee WI

Jan, today was the day I wore my tallit for the first time.  The rabbi gave me a blessing and I had an aliyah.  Afterwards, everyone totally oooed and aaaahed over it.  There’s no question but that everyone else also thinks it’s just beautiful.  But most important, I just absolutely love it.  It’s MINE, filled with meaning and blessing.  Wish you could have been there to see and hear everyone’s wonderful comments on it!
Jane M., Roslindale MA

We love the tallit and so happy to have come back to you for our second child!  My daughter could not believe how beautiful it is.  It is perfect for her Bat Mitzvah.  It is so unique just like she is and I could not believe the silk that you found to match.
Alice H., Winter Park FL (returning customer)

Shabbat Shalom.   My wedding is in two weeks time but I wanted to drop you a note that I had my hair trial last week and the veil was absolutely stunning.  People approached me at the salon and asked me where I purchased it.  I’ll be sure to send you pictures.
Leta H., Richmond CA

It’s here! and it’s absolutely the most beautiful kippah I’ve ever seen.  It’s truly a work of art, and a piece of jewelry, and an expression of my faith and spirituality all in one.  I can’t begin to thank you enough.  I hope your holidays are wonderful and that the new year brings health, love, prosperity and laughter to you and all you love.
Carin H., Cape Coral FL

I wanted to let you know that Rachel absolutely loved her kippah.  It was so beautiful sparkling in her hair.  What a beautiful way to honor Shabbat.  Thank you for making the world a better place.  Tikkun Olam.
Patricia R., Anchorage AK

We got the tallit yesterday and it is beautiful.  You did a wonderful job.   We’ll keep you in mind when my other daughter is ready in about 1 1/2 years.  Thanks again.
Patricia I., Plymouth MN

I can’t thank you enough for your flexibility, your willingness to communicate with me, and your skill as a fabric artist.  You, like Bezalel, are truly ‘in the shadow of God’ when it comes to making beautiful objects for hiddur mitzvah.
Rabbi Neal L., Poughkeepsie NY

Thank you for the beautiful work on the tallit I received for Chanukah.  I am very impressed by what you do and the powerful effect it has on the lives and davening of many.  I treasure it and will wear it with joy and love.
Jenn B., Poughkeepsie NY

We arrived home from a close friend’s son’s Bar Mitzvah on Saturday to see the package waiting for us.  Emma literally screamed out loud with excited anticipation.  It is absolutely gorgeous!  Your work is beautiful, and the tallit is even more magnificent than we had imagined it would be.  Thank you so much for creating such a lovely work of art for Emma to wear when she becomes a Bat Mitzvah, and beyond.  The bag is just as amazing as the tallit.  We have already given your name and information to a few other friends, including our Cantor, and I’m sure after everyone sees the tallit, even more people will want to know about you.  Yasher koach on a job well done. Thank you from the bottom of all of our hearts.  Don’t worry, we’ll send you photos after the big day!
Robyn S., Winter Springs FL

The tallit arrived several days ago.  The girls wanted to make sure that I told you that they absolutely loved them. They are really beautiful.  People’s mouths dropped open when I showed them.  It was very nice collaborating with you. Thank you so much.
Esther F., York PA

You are amazing.  The atarah looks absolutely fantastic!  You have given me a true gift and I am very touched.  I’m extremely blessed to have such a kind friend.
Cantor E.R., Charlotte NC

Brandon did an incredible job and this very special tallit just made the entire day wonderful, unique and very special for him.  It brought tears to my eyes just thinking about how much thought he put into the design.  It was wonderful to get to actually meet you and have you help us design such a gorgeous tallit that he will love and cherish forever.
Alice H., Winter Park FL (returning customer)

The tallit is magnificent.  You did a remarkable job.  I don’t know what I would have done without you.  You saved the bar mitzvah!  My husband fell in love with it when he came  home.  You are a success in this  house and a joy to work with!
Betty H., Westchester NY

I was at a conference at JTS in New York and just returned home last night.  Waiting for me was the atarah and corners you sent.  Jan, you are an artist!  So beautiful.  Once I get them sewed onto the tallit and tie the tzitzit I’ll send you a photo.  I can’t tell you how happy I was with the quality of work.
Rob B., Beverly Hills MI

I just wanted to thank you so very much for the amazing job that you did with the Atarah.  It was exactly what we wanted and my son was so proud when he put his tallit on for the first time.  Thanks so much!  The whole process of ordering was so simple and quick, especially since I had left it so late.  I will definitely pass your name on to friends and family when they are looking for a personalized tallit.
Sharon L., Ontario Canada

Shalom Jan!  I wanted to tell you that my aunt just loved the tallit. Her eyes welled up.  Thank you so much (once again) for the beautiful work.
Garrett R., Bonners Ferry ID

I just opened the box.  The tallit is gorgeous — it’s almost too nice to wear!  I will look forward to wearing it this Shabbat!
Steven M., Merrick NY

I just wanted to tell you how beautiful Talia looked in her beaded kippah and sophisticated tallit at her bat mitzvah, Shabbat Hagadol! Her kippah sparkled in the light (as you had promised!), and her tallit was exactly what she wanted and looked so elegant over her antique lace dress! Thank you so much for being such a special part of our simcha.
Leslie S., Nashville TN (returning customer)

You are simply marvelous!  The tallit clip and kippah knocked my sox across the room!  Perfect for the occasion. Love, love, love them.
Judith W., Belvedere CA

Thank you so much Jan.  You are an exceptional  artist.  I appreciate the the unending hours  of thought and execution you put into this garment.  One thing I can say: it is in no way like the other tallit displayed online.  Please keep me in your book for the next Bar Mitzvah, Joshua, in May 2014!
Jacqueline A., Charleston WV

Your beautiful kippah has arrived.  It looks WONDERFUL.  It is so finely made and really sparkles.  The colors and design are perfect—just what I’d hoped for.  Thank you very much!  I look forward to wearing it and will treasure it for years to come.
Priscilla J., Columbia MD

OMG.  Thank you so much.   As I am looking at the tallit, I am crying of happiness to see how beautiful it came out.   It will definitely be treasured for generations to come!!!   The tallit bag and kippot are amazing.   You are such a gifted artist.
Silvana R., Ardsley NY

The tallit bag is absolutely beautiful inside and out.  We gave it to my niece last night and the whole family was awestruck by the embroidery and the loveliness of the entire gift.  Thank you very much for working to provide such perfection and beauty.
Karen S., Buffalo Grove, IL

The tallit just arrived. What can I say?  It is beautiful and you did a wonderful job.  Everything about it is lovely, from the bag, to the names that appear on the bag and on the neck of the tallit, to the kippah to the tzitzit.  But most of all the Atarah is gorgeous.  Thank you so much.  No picture can accurately capture it.  I will love wearing it!!! All the good things.
Judy M., Lexington MA

Oh my heavens – I got home at 10 last night and the FedEx package had arrived after I was gone.  I was afraid to call or text or even e-mail thinking I might wake you all up – couldn’t stand having to wait till the morning – it is absolutely the most beautiful tallit I have ever seen!!  I am literally overcome with emotion and thankfulness.  You are a genius and I am so grateful.
Cookie G., Charleston WV

Jan, Jan, Jan,  I am over the moon.  The atarah has saved the tallit.  I must admit I was not thrilled with my final product.  Because I had to rip it out and start over when it was to long, I wasn’t happy with the way the silk looked the second time.  But the atarah and the magnificent embroidery has completely changed the look of it and I love it.  Thank you , thank you, thank you.  Best wishes to you and yours for a Happy, Healthy, New Year.
Elaine E., Indianapoilis IN

You are fabulous! Thank you for a beautiful embroidery job on a tallit that will be a lifelong treasure.
Dani N., Camas WA

The big theme last weekend at the bar mitzvah celebration was reiterated again and again and of course there was the star himself with the symbolic adornments on the tallit.  Everyone loved your handiwork and commented how original and beautiful. Hadley was very appreciative and especially commented and noted the gift in his speeches.  It was a pleasure communicating with you and developing the theme.
Berta B., Belle Harbor, NY

My goodness- we got the embroidery last night and it is so beautiful. Rachel, who usually shows very little emotion, was thrilled and almost jumped up and down. I was having doubts about how the atarah would go with that fabric but it looks fantastic! I am so excited and so grateful to you for doing such beautiful work. My oldest daughter said that it was really special to make such a very personalized tallit for her bat mitzvah and she treasures hers. I know; I can see when she wraps herself up in it for services that it brings her peace.  Thank you so much for making this happen for two of my girls- one more to go.
Andrea W., Morgantown, WV

Marc loved the tallit, the rabbi loved it, I love it, Monica loves it!  The rabbi thought it was so special that he made a point to explain what his 4 corners represent to him.  I got many many many compliments on how beautiful and unique his tallit is.   Thank you again so very much for your time and direction for such a marvelous, what will now become, a piece of family history for Marc!
Resa C., Winter Garden, FL

The tallitot are gorgeous and perfect, especially the fabric WWII choice!  Thank you for all the care and effort.
Rabbi Joel N., Vail, CO

Wimpel just arrived in pouring rain— glad I was home.  It is absolutely beautiful and perfect- love it.  Hope this starts a whole new trend.
Beth G., Wilmette, IL

Just opened the box. I am in awe of how beautiful the tallitot look. Thank you so much for putting your magic fingers on them. I am very proud of the entire project and that I could get them done in time. Thank you for your help. It is sooooo appreciated.
Lynn M., Charleston, WV

The atarah came today and is already at the tailor.  OMG it is magnificent and I can’t wait until Shabbos to show it off.  I would say you have outdone yourself but it’s only until next time when you do that again.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.
David W., Queens Village, NY