Joseph’s Tallit

Temple Beth Torah, Melville NY

To commemorate the 25th anniversary of their music director, the committee sent me the drawing below as the rough idea for a special tallit. Thanks to the wonders of cyberspace, this collaboration was accomplished in a week’s time!  See the photos below for the finished tallit.


Tallit is oversized (30 x 80) and made of off-white silk noir, lined with dupioni silk.  Rays of the sun were painted by artist Chuck von Schmidt.  I embellished them with machine stitching.  Embroidered notes are measures from music entitled “So the Sun Stood Still.”  Atarah text is from Joshua “… and there was no day like that for the Lord hearkened the voice of a man,” embroidered in black on deep aqua blue silk.  There is a sterling silver neckband sewn in the center.  I also made a matching silk lined kippah.