BIN Tallit for Women

Occasionally I have tallit in stock and ready for immediate purchase.  The two below are available now:

Antique white dupioni silk with broad stripes of gold and two shades of light purple.  It is edged all around with purple silk and has a hem in the same color.  The atarah (neckband) on the tallit has the traditional blessing embroidered in gold thread.  A matching lilac silk kippah is included as well as a lined tallit bag (envelope style).  $300.00 + $15.00 insured shipping.


purpl1Bag Front


Bag Back


White china silk with panels of beautifully embroidered white silk.  Off-white rope piping accents and corners from same embroidered fabric.  Trimmed with white knotted fringe.  Atarah has the “Zeh Hayom” – “this is the day God has made; let us rejoice and be glad.”   A matching embroidered silk kippah and lined tallit bag (envelope style) with a rhinestone button is included.  $350.00 + $15.00 insured shipping.