Custom Loom Woven

I recently embroidered atarot and corners for a customer, and the tallitot she sent me were absolutely stunning.  When I inquired about where they were woven, she put me in touch with a weaving center, “The Loom Room” — and they will weave a custom tallit for you!  If you have the budget to create something really special, I highly recommend going this route.

Here is the information they provided as well as a gallery of some of the tallitot they have made:

THE LOOM ROOM – Custom Hand-woven Tallitot

We will create a totally customized handwoven tallit (or prayer shawl) for you commissioned to your specifications. This is a personal, heirloom-quality tallit that reflects your values and individuality.  Commission a once-in-a-lifetime item for a bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah, wedding, conversion, Shabbat or holidays.

  • Personal consultations–you work with the artist via phone and email to choose the colors and design that match your tastes and personality.
  • Your tallit is made out of yarn that is a beautiful 100% perle cotton. (Cotton has been chosen because it is a strong, elegant fiber that does not retain the heat of wool.) The body of the tallit is usually soft-white, but you may choose a different color. The stripes on the tallit may be in a myriad of colors–you choose!
  • The atarah (neckpiece) comes sewn on to the tallit unless you request otherwise. The atarah may be machine embroidered with a name, blessing or other design at an additional cost. (Occasionally an individual or family member may wish to embroider or needlepoint the atarah and then sew it to the tallit themselves.
  • Completed tzitzit fringes are included tied to your tallit, or you may tie them yourself (instructions provided).
  • Your tallit will be approximately 24″ wide and 72″ long, but longer or shorter tallit are available.
  • A matching lined tallit bag is also available. The bag may be machine embroidered with a name or other design.
  • If you live in the New Jersey/New York City Metropolitan area, you and your loved ones may weave a small portion of your tallit. (A brief weaving lesson will be provided.)
  • Upon request, photos of your tallit as it is being woven can be provided.
  • Please order as far in advance of your special event as possible–at least a four to six month lead time is requested, but other arrangements may be made at an additional cost.
  • A 50% deposit is required before your project is begun.
  • Your finished tallit will be shipped to you after receipt of your final payment. Shipping via priority mail is free to customers in the United States.
  • For more information and pricing contact Cory Schneider at

Here’s a link to the synagogue where the tallitot are woven.