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I welcome your comments, questions and suggestions and will reply as promptly as possible.  If you wish to speak with me personally, I can call to help you through the decision process or just brainstorm ideas!  Please let me know what time would be convenient (within the continental USA only!)  Internet services such as Skype can be used for overseas customers.

Everything I make is custom.  I do not sell wholesale or on consignment.

To order a custom atarah, corners or other embroidery, please use the embroidery order form.
To order a beaded/wire kippah, please use the kippah order form.

For all other orders or inquires, please use the form below.  By filling out the information I am able to reply to you or send design samples.

Address for all mailings or written inquiries: PO Box 49426, Charlotte, NC 28277



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